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The "GIT" Declaration

We as Believers are declaring WAR against the Devil, his demons, his evil spirits and other evil doers. We are sending the message that we are about getting down to doing God’s business, by focusing on HIS work through our lives and focusing on our God given purpose and Destiny. 

We will not allow ourselves to be influenced, distracted or misled by those who wish to derail us from our dreams, visions, passions and goals. We are about Kingdom Building and giving God the Glory, through our Gifts and walking in OUR Destiny; the Destiny that HE already designed for us….Ecclesiates 6:10

So, to the deceivers, the gossipers, the haters, the back-stabbers, the liars, the cheaters, the killers of dreams, to spiritual wickedness and principalities in high places, to the Spirit of Negativity, to the Spirit of Fear and Insecurity, to the Spirits of Envy, Lust and Greed, to the Spirit of Low Self-Esteem, the Spirit of Weakness, the Spirit of Self-Destruction, to the Spirits of Self-Hate and Self-Doubt and worthlessness and to the Spirit of “I Can’t”.....our message to you is.....



God’s In This